Zoids Endurance is an interesting endless runner game for Windows 8.1

Zoids Endurance

Infinite runner games are quite popular on Windows Phone and other mobile devices, but if you’re looking for something new and interesting on your PC, take a look at Zoids Endurance for Windows 8.1, an endless runner game where you have to go as far as possible.

As you progress, you will come across enemies, which you must counter using your weapons, collect bounty and use it to upgrade yourself so that you can cover more distance. In addition, you can equip your Zoid with a fast firing mini gun or a rifle along with different types of ammunitions and more. 

“Zoids Endurance is a fast infinite runner that tests your patience and lets you take the wheel an pilot a Zoid against a flood of enemy Zoids. Try out and see which weapon you prefer, either the steady and slow Rifle? Maybe the trigger happy overheating Minigun? But it doesn’t end there! You pick you’re ammunition too. A simple and effective old school bullet, or a futuristic and high powered laser? The choice is all yours. However despite all that the main focus is to take yourself as far as possible and endure! To give you a little bit of fun, you can upgrade your stats to help making long distance travels grow to really long treks,” the app description reads.

Here’s a complete list of features you can enjoy with Zoids Endurance:

  • Try and get as far as possible.
  • Spend your bounty on upgrading yourself.
  • Use your upgrades to push the limits of your Zoid.
  • Equip either a fast firing minigun, or a steady rifle!
  • Choose your ammunition, either a simple and effective bullet or a flashy dangerous laser!
  • Manage your firing to ensure you don’t overheat at the wrong moments!
  • Be a daredevil and charge head on and strike your enemies with your claws!

If you’re in for some fun, head over to the Windows Store and download Zoids Endurance for Windows 8.1 for free. Let us know if you like it!

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