YouTuber builds functioning real-life Halo SPNKR rocket launcher

Robert Collins

YouTuber Jairus of All has built a real-life, functioning SPNKR rocket launcher modeled after that of the Halo video games.

Inspired by the legendary sci-fi first-person shooter franchise, Jairus of All spent much time and energy developing the replica. His latest video on YouTube chronicles his long journey of trial and error to get the weapon fully functional – even down to getting the launcher to make the appropriate SHWOOOSH! sound upon firing.

Once the SPNKR launcher was dialed in to perfection, the YouTuber took to an official military testing course – in a full suit of Master Chief armor – to demonstrate what the real-life SPNKR could do. Suffice it to say a good time was had by all involved. And more importantly, no one was seriously injured.

But in all seriousness you have to give this talented Halo superfan (whose other creations include a Buster Sword from Final Fantasy 7 and a replica of the Broadsider Cannon from the Fallout universe) credit for his determination in pulling off this one-of-a-kind feat. If you want one for yourself, you’re probably out of luck.