YouTube comedians pretend to be Apple Store employees and try to get customers to switch to Microsoft

Sean Michael

Fake Apple Store employees

YouTube comedians from the channel Nelkfilmz have made a video where they pretend to be Apple Store employees and convince people to switch to Microsoft. They are surprisingly successful and almost get someone to convert.

In the video they tell customers that the iPhone 6, iPad Air, and Apple products in general are bad and that they should use Microsoft products. In one case they almost convince a man to sell his Apple product and go to the Microsoft Store that’s in the same mall.

Each time they’re discovered by actual staff from the Apple Store they act as if they’ve worked there for a while and that no one remembers them. When each situation hits the point where they’d have to talk to a manager they put their arms in the air and yell to the whole store that they quit and that they should all go to Microsoft.