If you're lucky, a Microsoft Store near you will be hosting HoloLens demos

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Microsoft is taking its HoloLens headset on tour once again, and it could be hitting a store near you. While it’s unfortunate for anyone not in the North America region where most, if not all, Microsoft Stores reside, those who happen to live in the US and Canada now have a shot at testing and playing with a HoloLens headset during September and October of this year.

According to the Microsoft HoloLens experience web page, the new HoloLens Roadshow will be at these selected Microsoft Stores across the US and Canada for the next two months:

  • Sept 15-18: Palo Alto, California, and Mississauga, Ontario
  • Sept, 22-25: Mission Viejo, California, and Calgary, Alberta
  • Sept. 29-Oct. 2: Dallas, Texas and Boston, Massachusetts
  • Oct. 6-9: Houston, Texas and Tysons Corner, Virginia
  • Oct 13-16: Chicago, Illinois, and Atlanta, Georgia
  • Oct. 20-23: Bloomington, Minnesota and Orlando, Florida

Further details include pre-registration to the selected locations via the Microsoft HoloLens experience web page. According to information gleaned from Windows Central, it appears the demos will be around fifteen minutes in length and “intended for people ages thirteen years old and above.”

As with limited most limited demo rollouts, it's encouraged that people who are interested in attending a demo sign up as soon as possible. Let us know in the comments if you're luck enough to be near a Microsoft Store that's hosting a HoloLens demo.

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