Your Phone updated with new features for Link to Windows Samsung Phones, more

Kip Kniskern

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Your Phone

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Today, announced along with a new Windows 10 Insider build for the Fast Ring comes news of some updates to the Your Phone app. First up, and rolling out to Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra and Galaxy Z Flip devices “in selected markets,” are new copy/paste capabilities. With one of these new phones, the Your Phone app, and Windows 10 (April 2018 Update or higher), you can now “enjoy copying and pasting content with the familiar ctrl + C and ctrl + v commands on the PC or the tapping and holding gesture on your Android phone. It’s that simple.”

Next up is a new Black screen feature, where Your Phone users with supported Samsung phones with “Link to Windows” (here’s a list of the supported phones) will have the option to turn off their smartphone screen during a phone screen session using Link to Windows. This will “optimize battery consumption and protect the privacy of their phone’s personal content.” The black screen, when enabled, will start when a session begins and end automatically at session’s end. Users will have the choice, however, to end the black screen at any time by pressing the power button, swiping the screen, activating Bixby, or disabling the screen from the settings page.

Finally, RCS (Rich Communication Service) messaging has also been added to select Samsung phones via Your Phone. RCS provides a number of features for users of Samsung Messages on their phones, including being able to send and receive RCS messages from the Your Phone app, see messages marked as read, and have marked as read messages sync across phone and PC, “removing the need to clear notifications on the phone.”

RCS requires a Samsung Galaxy S20 series running version 10.0 or higher, a PC running the Windows 10 April 2018 Update or higher, and mobile operator support for RCS. The updates will be rolling out to these devices over the next couple of days, make sure you have the latest versions of Your Phone Companion and Link to Windows on your Galaxy device. On the Windows 10 side, you don’t need to be running the latest Fast Ring build, but Microsoft said today that these Your Phone features are now rolling out to Windows Insiders running a build 19H2 or newer, and the general public.