You’ll soon be able to set your Xbox One photo background from Dropbox

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Earlier today, cloud storage Dropbox made a major announcement that their Windows 10 UWP will finally be available to the Xbox One gaming console. Essentially, the app will be able to manage all of your files and share them with friends right on your TV.

Rudy Huyn of Dropbox has expressed his excitement of the project as the first ‘file explorer’ for Xbox One that gives devs access to further resources. Furthermore, this is wonderful news for everyday users that will soon be able to change the background photo on their console with Dropbox instead of using a USB stick to carry it over.

The UWP can be downloaded today from the Xbox Store as of today, with the background file picker feature confirmed to be added in an update later this week. Time to save more cat pictures!

Dropbox for S mode
Dropbox for S mode
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