You won’t be able to buy a Burgundy or Cobalt Surface Pen until later this summer

Arif Bacchus

New Surface Pens

Back at the Microsoft event in Shanghai, Microsoft unveiled a new generation Surface pen. Coming in four colors, the new pen features support for tilt detection, and has 4,096 pressure levels and 21 milliseconds of latency. In fact, Microsoft even said that the pen is twice as responsive as the Apple Pencil.

Well, although the standard Platinum color of the pen has been available for purchase for a while now, Microsoft is now telling Brad Sams that you won’t be able to buy a Burgundy or Cobalt Blue Surface Pen until later this summer.

The company is not providing an exact date for when they will become available, and “late summer” is still a very vague time frame. So, if you’re wanting this new Surface Pen, or if you’re an owner of a Burgandy or Cobalt Blue Surface Laptop, it’s best to just go ahead and purchase the standard Platinum version of the Surface Pen for $99.99 instead.

We will be keeping an eye on Microsoft’s web page for the new Surface Pen, and will update you once the Burgundy and Cobalt Blue Surface Pen indeed becomes available. For now, keep it tuned to OnMSFT for all your Surface news and information.