You can still save $199 on a Microsoft Surface / Harman Kardon Invoke through today, Cyber Monday

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Cyber Monday is here and let the savings continue!

For anyone interested in picking up a Surface Laptop for themselves or others, Microsoft sought fit to bundle its signature PC with a nice little add-on to help bolster the company’s digital assistant footprint. For the remainder of the day, anyone purchasing a Surface Laptop from the Microsoft Store can swoop in on a deal for an additional Harman Kardon Invoke speaker fully equipped with Cortana.

The Harmon Kardon / Surface Laptop bundle saves the buyer $199 off the speaker and a Surface Laptop with a 256GB SSD or higher. Despite the traditional back-to-school rush happening around August/September, there are still plenty of students about to begin a Winter session at some school and coming back to the dorms or their apartment with a new laptop and smart speaker may be right up their alley.

For anyone still not sold on having a dedicated Cortana speaker in their homes, another option of the Cyber Monday Surface Laptop bundle is to forego the additional hardware and instead receive free Skype calling from the US to mobile phones and landlines in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Personally, I would opt for the hardware as simply doing searches with Bing can award you free Skype calls monthly through Bing rewards options.

Whatever the case may be, the deal is going and can be found at the Microsoft Store online. There is no word as to whether or not this offer is redeemable in person, but as this framed as a Cyber Monday deal, chances are it’ll be hard to find in person.

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