You can play the Gigantic beta for free this weekend on a Windows 10 PC, no key required

Laurent Giret

Motiga, the developer of the upcoming free-to-play MOBA game Gigantic kicked off a series of closed beta weekends over the last month for Xbox One and Windows users. Today, the company announced that the next closed beta weekend will start this Thursday, December 1 and everyone will be able to participate on their platform of choice:

This weekend, we’re not just opening the gates to everyone who played during a previous beta weekend; we’re inviting you and all your friends to grab an Arc or Xbox One beta key from one of our awesome partners, or to visit the Windows 10 Store and download the game right away– no key necessary! All you need is a valid Microsoft account, and you can download and play Gigantic as soon as the servers are online!

If you’re not familiar with the game, Gigantic’s gameplay pits teams of five heroes and their massive guardians against each other in intense battles across a variety of maps. The game is being developed for the Xbox One, Windows 10 as well as previous Windows versions through a recently announced partnership with Perfect World Entertainment. Last week, the team also published a first developer diary to share some details about the game’s development process:

If you’re interested in trying Gigantic, you can sign up over here and get ready to start playing from Thursday at 9AM PST through Sunday at 11:59 PST. The team will also hold a Gigantic Streaming Weekend on the official Gigantic Twitch channel which will feature various gaming sessions as well as discussions with game developers.