You can now use Microsoft Edge to read ebooks on iOS

Microsoft yesterday updated their Edge browser on iOS to version 42.1.1. This update introduces some of the features tested in the previous beta version, including support for ebooks that were purchased via the Microsoft Store. Moreover, the web browser now supports 23 languages on iOS.

The changelog for this latest update hints that the ebook feature is currently in a preview as it won't support bookmarks, annotations, or highlights. Also new is the improved hub design, and the ability for iPad users to use the command key to see shortcuts. Users should also feel some performance improvements, and sign in to Edge with a school or work account.

Take a peek at some of these features below:

You can now use Microsoft Edge to read ebooks on iOS - - May 30, 2018

We're hoping that this same update will come to Edge on Android soon, but for now, only iOS users will get to enjoy these features. Head to the App Store via the link below to update now, and feel free to let us know in the comments if you're enjoying this latest update.

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