You can now use LastPass password management for free on multiple devices

Popular password management service LastPass has announced today some important changes to its freemium business model (via Neowin). Starting today, paying the $1 monthly subscription is no longer necessary to use the app on an unlimited number of devices including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The premium subscription will remain for users who still want extra features such as an ad-free experience, family password sharing and more.

In the blog post announcing the news, the company explains that eight years after its foundation its ambition to help everyone take control of their online identity is still far from achieved:

Too many of us are still struggling to build a strong security foundation, at work and at home. So far in 2016, there were more than 1 billion passwords publicly leaked due to poor password practices. We want to empower our users to take back control of their online security, and no longer feel powerless against the next wave of breaches. The more convenient we make password management the better we will be able to solve this problem.

If you were already using the password manager prior to this announcement, you can now download it on all of your devices (there are also browsers extensions for all popular browsers including Microsoft Edge). However, LastPass Premium subscribers will have to consider if their premium subscription is still worth it now.

If you have yet to try LastPass, you can get started by downloading the desktop app and browser extension from the official website. For the mobile apps, you can find all the download links below.

Developer: LastPass
Price: Free
‎LastPass Password Manager
‎LastPass Password Manager

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