Temple Run 2 now available for 512MB Windows Phone devices; FileEx gets an update

You can now run Temple Run 2 on a 512-MB Windows Phone! Also, check out FileEx update

A slew of apps have received updates this week. The latest one to join the club is Temple Run 2. The update makes it possible for the game to run on phones with 512MB of RAM. Another app which snagged an update is the popular third-party file explorer, FileEx.

Starting with the game – when Temple Run 2 was launched, it needed 1GB of RAM. After the update that it has received today, bumping its version number up to, the game is now working just fine on 512MB RAM Windows Phone devices too. Apart from this, we couldn’t find any other new features in the game. Fire it up on your Windows Phone and let us know if you discover something cool!

Filling the absence of a file manager app on Windows Phone, FileEx has been really handy with most of the work. The new version brings along the option to put password on access to the app. If you have the premium version of the app on your phone, you will also be able to see previews of images at the background of the app. This feature will shortly arrive on the free version as well. The developer told us that he will very soon add cloud integration features to the app also. The developer of this app has been active in our comments section, taking feedback from our readers as well!

Grab both apps via the download links below.

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