You can now purchase a Windows tablet for as low as $65, take that Chromebook

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You can now purchase a Windows tablet for as low as $65, take that Chromebook

Over the past few months several companies have announced low-priced Windows-powered tablets. We recently saw a $100 tablet from HP, and a $119 Encore tablet from Toshiba. The low-tier price range offerings got even richer when at the HKTDC show in Hong Kong, several OEMs showcased Windows 8.1 tablets priced around $65. That is incredibly cheap!

The good news is that while the tablets are cheap, they don’t necessarily ship with crappy hardware – compromises made to the technical specification in order to compensate the lower price tag. Sure the 7-inch screen with 1024 x 600 pixels won’t leave you awe-inspired, and the 1GB RAM and Intel Z3735G processor will feel inadequate while playing high-end games, but they will definitely come succinctly enough while doing a wide-range of other things, like running MS Office, web browsing, watching movies- things that most people use computers and tablets for. 

Make no mistake, though. The device doesn’t sport high-end hardware specifications, but perhaps that isn’t what Ployer is trying to achieve with this device anyway. The aim is perhaps to lure people to use Windows tablets who were otherwise settling for Android devices, or just couldn’t afford a pricey computer. 

Image credit: Mike Canex

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