You can now pre-order the Xbox Series X and S version of GTA V for just $20

Robert Collins

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The current-gen version of Grand Theft Auto V will be releasing this month – on the 15th to be exact – on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

What’s even better, the Xbox Series X/S version of the game will cost only $20. The game will feature some upgrades for the new consoles like 4K resolution, improved textures, 3D audio and ray-tracing. The new version of the game will also boast faster load times. Physical copies of the gen 9 version of GTA V won’t be available until some time in April, but digital ones are available for pre-order right now over on the Xbox Store.

While owners of the Xbox One version of GTA V won’t be getting a free upgrade for the Series X/S version, they can take at least some consolation in the fact that their story mode progress can be transferred over to the current gen version.

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