You can now play Pong straight from Microsoft Bing

Bing Pong

Microsoft has released a new feature for the Microsoft Bing search engine- apps that run natively when you search. Right now, if you look up "pong", Bing will display a small game area for you to play in, which will allow you to enjoy yourself in a classic arcade mini game.

The game is a simple recreation of the classic game Pong as explained before, with a CPU controlled paddle opponent on the left, and player controlled paddle on the right. The game is played entirely with touch or mouse, and you can start the game simply by clicking, and then moving the mouse up and down to move your paddle. 

Finally, this doesn't only mean a simple app for your search engine. This app is streamed straight from the search engine and can be played on many different platforms—browser, mobile and desktop. With that in mind it may be good to note, could this be the direction games go in? Could you imagine picking up any device anywhere and playing your favorite games right then and there- A world with no barriers between games?

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