You can now finally pre-order the new burgundy, black, blue Surface Pen

Arif Bacchus

A few weeks ago, Microsoft revealed that the new generation burgundy, black, and cobalt blue Surface Pen would be available for pre-order “later this summer.” Well, the time has finally arrived, and pre-order pages for the new colors of the Surface Pen are now live, showing a shipping date of August 21st in the United States (via Neowin.)

For those outside the US, the listing for the Surface Pen has also been updated in the United Kingdom, showing a shipping date of August 24th. The news comes months after Microsoft first unveiled the new generation Surface Pen at an event in Shanghai.

This new generation Surface Pen initially was only available in a platinum color, and not the burgundy, black, or blue colors which matched Microsoft’s new Surface Laptops. All color variants of the new pen, though, feature tilt support for shading, 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, and 21 milliseconds of latency.

The new Surface Pen is also backward compatible with older Surface models, including the Surface Book, Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, and the Surface Studio. Microsoft even called it the “fastest digital pen on the planet,” which held up to be true until Apple revealed the second generation Apple pencil just a few short weeks later.