You can now design your dream Xbox One controller in the Microsoft Store app with the Xbox Design Lab

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Since the inception of the Microsoft Store app, it has continued to grow through the addition of new product categories, such as offering up Microsoft’s range of devices, to an enhanced Games section with Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Play Anywhere titles.

In the latest iteration of the Microsoft Store app for Windows 10 and Xbox One, users can now use Microsoft’s Xbox One controller design tool, Xbox Design Lab, right within the app itself.

Xbox Design Lab on Microsoft Store

The addition of the Xbox Design Lab into the Microsoft Store app makes it easier to access, as well as helping promote the program to those who don’t necessarily know what XDL is. It also makes it a very simple ordering process – a simple case of going through the steps and placing the order, all the while using the saved payment information in your Microsoft Account.

To access the Xbox Design Lab, simply head to Devices in the Microsoft Store app, scroll down to Xbox Accessories and select Xbox Design Lab.

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