You can now copy Microsoft To Do lists to the clipboard as text from the iOS app

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft To Do updated to Version 2.48 today on Apple’s iOS devices. This new update added a rather useful feature that enables the ability to export lists in Microsoft To Do as basic text which can be then pasted into any other app.

Here’s the release notes:

We have added the ability to share a copy of a list as text. We also fixed some bugs related to app crash.

To copy a list to the clipboard as text, tap the ellipsis icon in the top-right corner (the three dots) and tap Send a Copy > Copy. The list contents will automatically be converted to basic text and saved to your iPhone or iPad’s clipboard. You can now paste the text into any app via the usual Paste option.

This isn’t the only iOS app update for Microsoft To Do. The productivity app also received an update earlier this month that improved its cloud syncing ability.

Do you use Microsoft To Do? Let us know what you think of this latest update in the comments below.

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