You can now buy the Surface Pro 3 docking station in the US and Canada

You can now buy the Surface Pro 3 docking station in the US and Canada

Today the Surface Pro 3 docking station is available to purchase in the United States and Canada. Microsoft says you can now buy the dock from retail stores, online, and through authorized resellers in the United States and Canada. Now Surface Pro 3 owners can see how the dock works first hand.

By connecting the Surface Pro 3 into the dock, users can operate as if they are working with a desktop computer. The dock opens up the Surface to connect more peripherals with more 3 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0 ports. A dedicated Ethernet jack saves a USB jack from being used by an adaptor. Connect displays via the Mini DisplayPort connector and speakers in the 3.5mm audio input/output jack. The docking station also includes a security slot so you can lock the dock to a desk and not worry while you are gone. Finally the dock also powers your Surface, so you don't have to connect a cord when you lock your Surface into place.

The design of the dock allows users to leave their keyboards attached to their Surface while docked. This makes docking and undocking easy and fast. The dock does not offer any fans to help cool the Surface while in the dock though. Panos Panay made an odd comment in a reddit AMA possibly suggestion external GPU could be supported via the Thunderbolt connection, but this dock does not have that capability.

All things considered this dock looks really good. Most people need a quick and easy desk solution which connects their keyboard, mouse, Ethernet, and displays. This dock does all of those things perfectly.

How does this dock look to you? Do you own a Surface Pro 3 and are you looking for a dock? How could they improve this dock? Let us know in the comments below!

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