You can now buy Pringles at Walmart that taste like Halo’s Moa Burgers

Brad Stephenson

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The upcoming Halo Infinite video game and live action TV series may have been delayed but it doesn’t look like fans will be left out in the cold for too long with a special promotion being announced today involving Walmart and Pringles.

Revealed via the official Halo Twitter account, Walmart, from today, will be selling exclusive Pringles that are inspired by the taste of Moa Burgers that are found within the Halo video game universe. For the uninitiated, Moa are giant emu-like birds that can be found on the planet Reach which are often killed for food.

The Moa Burger Pringles are being promoted as a limited edition item so Halo fans will need to buy some ASAP if they want to get their hands on this tasty treat/potentially rare collectible.

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