You can get a Surface Pro 6 for $330 off on Black Friday at Best Buy

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 6 is getting a $330 price cut for Black Friday at BestBuy stores and on its website, as spotted by a user on Reddit. The model in the ad is the black 256 GB configuration with 8 GB of RAM and an Intel Core i5 8250U CPU for just $999. Additionally, the Surface on sale will also come bundled with the Surface Pro Type cover, making the tablet cost less than getting it without one.

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The Surface on the left normally runs for $1,329 with the Type Cover included.

The Surface Pro 6 was officially announced early last month, and is promised feature a 50% boost in graphics processing compared to it’s previous generation Pro 5. While it’s a nice productivity tablet on its own, the Pro branding on the company’s latest iteration tablet is slightly misleading in the fact it ships with Windows 10 Home, and additionally doesn’t do well for repairability.

Will you be getting one of these new Surface devices on Black Friday? Your thoughts are welcomed in the comment section below.