You can now download the Plex app on Xbox One, Xbox 360 support coming soon

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You can download the Plex app on the Xbox One now, 360 support coming soon

If you are a Plex Pass member, you can go download the Xbox One app now. If you are not a member, you will soon be able to download the app with a one-time fee. The app for the Xbox 360 will be coming soon.

The Xbox One app has controller and Kinect support, so you can control your experience with your voice and gestures. We assume these features will be present on the Xbox 360 app as well, and it actually seems as if they will be identical apps. The app only includes support for your videos as of now, with music and photo support coming soon.

But, the team has worked hard to make your video experience great. There is a new interface, with a convenient ‘continuing watching’ area. They have also made it easier to explore your library, and recommend other movies related to the one you are viewing. The TV section has a ‘Start Watching’ section which recommends new shows, and a ‘Rediscover’ section which shows you programs you never finished (maybe you forgot about them during their commercial break perhaps?). Read the full features here.

Plex is a solution for those of you who have movies and TV content stored on your hard drive. It is a way to take your library digital, while still experiencing all (and more) of the conveniences of streaming solutions like Netflix. If you are not a member and are interested, check it out here

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