Yet another old Windows 8 build has leaked, this time it's build 8888

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Windows 8

Yesterday, we reported than an older build of Windows 8 leaked onto the internet in psuedo localized. The build in question was 8331, and was compiled back in 2012. Today, another build of Windows 8 has leaked onto the internet, which is a nice little gift for beta collectors this holiday. Todays leak is build 8888, which was originally supposed to be the RTM build of Windows 8.

Build 8888 is special as it can actually be used as the Windows 8 RTM, however it won't receive any updates or support. Build 8888 was elected by Microsoft employees as the Windows 8 RTM, however they ended up artificially jumping to build 9200 as 8888 had a critical bug. Still, having build 8888 leak on Christmas Day is a nice gift for beta collectors. The leak doesn't include any Modern UI apps, and is in English.

We've embedded a couple screenshots of the build below. As per usual we will not be linking directly to the leaks.

Windows 8

Windows 8

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