Yes, you can now use Halo Stickers in iMessage on your iOS device

Email Twitter: @MiCottuli Oct 13th, 2016 inNews

The ability to throw stickers onto your messages has been a pretty fun novelty for a while now, offering people a chance to give just a little bit more personality to a medium that usually doesn’t allow for much nuance. Besides just adding some color to your texts, one of the coolest things about stickers is that, sometimes, you get to use them to represent a character or franchise that you’re a fan of. Today, people who happen to be Halo fans get to show off their fandom through stickers – even if they’re on iPhone.

Every chat needs a little more Chief, and with these new stickers for iPhone and iPad you can do just that – and much, much more. Sometimes that last message to your friends and family was Perfection, sometimes it was Overkill… Either way, now you’ve got the tools to showcase which is which!

Through the app store, iOS users can get a package of Halo themed stickers to toss into their iMessages however they see fit. The addition of the stickers is pretty unexpected due to the seeming pre-existing Microsoft/Apple rivalry, but nobody it seems safe to wager few will complain about the addition.

The stickers come in a pretty sizable variety, including fan favorites like Master Chief and Cortana, and they’ve proven to be a solid addition to the iMessage roster of stickers.

‎Halo Stickers
‎Halo Stickers
Price: Free

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