Yammer gains new auditing and reporting capabilities for better security and compliance

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Microsoft’s office-related social network service has sat in a weird limbo as the company seeks to revamp Skype with new sharing features as well as baking more collaborative options into the various Office 365 apps, thus rendering Yammer somewhat muted as a productivity tool.

However, unbeknownst to many, Microsoft not only believes in Yammer as an essential office tool but has been working hard behind the scenes to bolster its necessity in the workforce by beefing its security proposition value by adding new auditing and reporting capabilities.

Today, October 13, 2016, the Office team announced a handful of updates to Yammer that includes “user and admin transactions in both Office 365 Management Activity API and the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center.”

Yammer additional security updates

Yammer additional security updates

According to a new Office blog post,

More than 25 different Yammer operations spanning five categories will be made available for auditing:

  • Users—including activating a user, suspending a user and deleting a user.
  • Groups—including creating a group, adding a member to a group and deleting a group.
  • Files—including creating a file, viewing a file and deleting a file.
  • Admins—including exporting data, triggering private content mode and forcing all users to log out.
  • Network settings—including changing network usage policy and changing data retention policy.

The Office team also shares information about how admins can consume audit data using Office 365 Management APIs to gather a better view of employee logs and usage in the new blog post. Details include Getting Started with Azure AD configurations, Activity API references and Activity API Schema for admins looking to get even more data.

We encourage interested parties to visit the Office Blogs to learn more about the new Yammer security and compliance additions, today.

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