Xolo's Windows Phone 8.1 device can be charged when the handset is powered off

Xolo's Windows Phone can be charged when the handset is powered off, then why doesn't Nokia's

You can’t charge your Windows Phone handset when it is turned off. This is what we have heard and assumed for years. But apparently, that’s not really the case. The newly launched XOLO Win Q900S lets you charge it even when you have turned off the device.

The folks at WPXbox noted that it is possible to charge the XOLO Win Q900S handset even when the device is off. Unlike the Nokia Lumia, which automatically switches on as soon as you connect it to a power source, XOLO's Windows Phone handset don't have such limitation.

So perhaps it is up to the manufacturers (OEM) to decide how they want their device to react when it connects to a power source. Or, may be it is also possible that this ability was introduced with Windows Phone 8.1, the operating system version that XOLO Win Q900S is running. But in that case, how come Nokia Lumia devices with the Lumia Cyan update are not sporting this feature?

Do you sport a non-Lumia Windows Phone handset? Are you able to charge your phone when it is off? Any HTC 8X or HTC 8S users among our readers? 

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