Xbox’s Phil Spencer takes to Twitter with 2016 updates, lots of new IP but no Xbox 360 streaming

Hammad Saleem

Xbox One

2015 was a good year for Xbox One and Microsoft. In 2015, we’ve seen several popular titles, some exclusive ones as well, make their way on to the console. It also seems that 2016 is also expected to be a good one for the folks at Redmond as we’re going to see some good titles such as Quantum Break, Scalebound, and ReCore.

Recently, Xbox’s head Phil Spencer shared some information on Twitter in response to the eager Xbox One fans:

In response to another question by a fan, Spencer said that Xbox 360 streaming to Windows 10 isn’t under development at the moment so there you go Xbox 360 people, it’s not coming any time soon:

2016 is going to be a good year as we’re going to see a number of exciting gaming titles to see the light of the day, including Quantum Break and Scalebound. When asked if the company is working on the return of Alan Wake, another title from Remedy Entertainment, Spencer said the developer is fully focusing on Quantum Break at the moment, but the company will definitely talk about its future once Quantum Break is available, and promised to “look into” more Limited Edition (LE) versions of consoles for the new games