to receive social overhaul

Microsoft recently announced plans to update it’s ‘My Xbox’ page on the website. These new features are preparing for the Fall 2011 Xbox 360 dashboard update, and will include many new social features for the LIVE service.

The Xbox 360 console is set to receive a new dashboard later this year, but before that happens Microsoft has plans to update it’s My Xbox page on with social features and a new UI. These changes are aimed at the new Fall 2011 dashboard, and will include some new features like Beacons.

Beacons are a way of telling your friends that you want to play a certain game, setup a beacon and your friends can come and join you at the time set.

The new Social features on have been designed around the new Metro interface, which is slowly becoming the face of Microsoft. You can see recent friends, games and achievements, as well as messages and latest news.

Xbox is set to launch a brand new Dashboard later this year, which is set to bring an overhauled UI, social features and extended Kinect integration. These changes come just in time for Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 8, which is set to include integrated LIVE support.

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