Xbox Video to also receive UI overhaul with Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 Start Screen

We recently reported that the Xbox Music app in Windows 8.1 will receive a UI overhaul with the Windows 8.1 Preview launching in just under 2 weeks. The Xbox Music Windows 8.1 Store listing revealed screenshots confirming that a UI overhaul was in the works, however the Xbox Video store listing did not. Many have been digging around the new Store and Updated Apps since the Windows Store opened in the Windows 8.1 leaks, and today it seems references to an updated Xbox Video app have been spotted.

Xbox Video references

A user by the name of 0xd on the BetaArchive forums has found references to a new Xbox Video app, which has similar references with the recently revealed Xbox Music UI overhauled update. This means that both Xbox Music and Xbox Video apps will be updated with the new UI alongside the Windows 8.1 Preview.

The references do not point out updates to the Games or Companion apps unfortunately, but it’s still early days and the current version of files may be old. We’ll have to wait until June 26 before we can get our hands on anything official, so stick around for that!

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