Xbox updates allow you to resume playing on other devices, improved SmartGlass navigation and more -
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Xbox updates allow you to resume playing on other devices, improved SmartGlass navigation and more

Xbox updates allow you to resume playing on other devices; improved SmartGlass navigation and more

Microsoft has updated the Xbox Video service and Xbox SmartGlass app. The updates have also made several of the existing features even more convenient than before. The company also talked about the upcoming Xbox One update today. Furthermore, it also mentioned its pathway for pushing TV’s features on a global scale.

Xbox Video Service

One of the most interesting additions to the Xbox Video service is the ability to resume playback support across several devices. The service will now let you pick-up right from where you had left off on another device. So, now you can rent or buy a movie and using Xbox Video, you will also be able to play it across all the other devices in sync with your Xbox. The feature has been made available across both the Xbox gaming consoles, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and service’s website. However, it hasn’t yet arrived on Windows Phone 8 and, but will hopefully be “coming soon”.

Xbox SmartGlass App

The Xbox SmartGlass app has received a major update today. It has improved the navigation process, and has made many tweaks to make the app even more useful. You can download the Public Beta of the app for Windows Phone and see below for what's new:

  • Navigation made easy: Now you can easily go through the game options which means that checking the Achievements, challenges, and game clips won’t require you to bother about changing the screens.
  • Check your last opponent: You can easily see recent players to find people you recently gamed with, easily add them as a friend, or issue a rematch challenge.
  • Sort people who are Online: Much like Skype, now you can sort your friend list by the friends’ online status.  
  • Activity feed view now matches the view on your console.
  • Launch an app in Snap from your mobile device, and when you’re done, simply unsnap it.
  • Opt for message alert on your phone: Receive Xbox Live messaging alerts on your mobile device, making it easier to stay in touch with friends when you’re on the go.

Upcoming Xbox One update

We’ve known that Microsoft is working on a new update for its gaming console, Xbox One. Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson, and Ben Smith talked about the new features select Xbox Live members in the US, Canada, and Europe can access in the coming days.  Some of these features are already available in a few regions, but will now be made available to other markets as well.

  • OneGuide on Multiple devices: An enhanced TV watching experience (already available in the US), which sees TV listings added to OneGuide, alongside Favorites and App Channels. This will work for people in Europe and Canada who have their TV connected to Xbox One via HDMI-in.
  • More control over Xbox One, your TV, and set-top box, including setting new recordings and watching recorded content from your DVR, all from a tablet or smartphone. Xbox SmartGlass also adds a new feature to show the most recently-watched channels.
  • New Kinect voice commands in Europe and Canada (already available in the US) which let you control your set-top box and other AV equipment.

Xbox Remote

Select Xbox Live members will get these features and will have the ability to provide Microsoft with feedback. Everyone else will have to wait until later this year.

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