Xbox takes on Netflix, announces original video content

Xbox takes on Netflix, announces original video content

It is not enough anymore to have streaming TV shows and movies. Services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu have all begun producing original content through their own studios -- House of Cards and Alpha House are prime examples of success. Now Microsoft is getting into this new market before the train leaves the station.

Sure, other platforms are already there, but it’s early days, and original content is limited, so Microsoft has time make a splash. And today, Larry Hryb announces the first content in the works.

Titles include a Halo (a show, not the game), Every Street United and Humans, along with specials such as the Bonaroo music festival and a documentary on this past weekend’s New Mexico landfill dig, which revealed the truth behind the long-standing legend that Atari had buried the E.T. game there.

Hryb also mentions some projects that are still in the works. These include Deadlands, Extraordinary Believers, Fearless, Gun Machine and Winterworld.

New original content will begin appearing this June and Hyrb promises “every Xbox Original will offer interactive capabilities, as well as unique interactive features customized on a per-show basis, making it a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience you won’t find anywhere else”.

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