Xbox Series X and Series S now boot faster thanks to shorter boot animation

Arif Bacchus

Xbox Series S Next To Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S already boot quite fast thanks to their internal solid-state drives, but Microsoft has made some tweaks to make it even faster. Noted by Josh Munsee, who is an Xbox Integrated Marketing Director, boot times are now even shorter on the next-gen consoles thanks to a short boot animation (via The Verge.)

More technically, Microsoft has reduced the bootup animation time on the consoles by 5 seconds with a recent Xbox Insider Build. As seen in Munsee’s tweet above, the new boot animation is less than 4 seconds, whereas the previous one was about 9 seconds. It is important to note though, that this only applies if your Xbox is in Energy Saver mode, where it always fully turns off, instead of being in standby. Check it out in the video below from a fellow Xbox user.

The Verge’s Tom Warren actually put this to the test and believes that the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S now cold boot in 15 seconds, instead of 20 seconds. It’s not clear which Xbox Insider build applied this update, but some people still have additional feedback for Microsoft, like muting the boot animation noise. Let us know what you think in the comments below.