Xbox rolls out Enforcement Strike System to improve online safety

Robert Collins

Enforcement Strike System

Xbox is introducing a new enforcement strike system to help keep players safe from abusive or inappropriate behavior when playing online.

Xbox Enforcement Strike System

The new system places strikes upon enforcements. As explained via Xbox Wire,

The new system attaches strikes to every enforcement, ranging in severity based on inappropriate activity. Each player will now have a view of their enforcement history including strikes and the overall impact these have on their player record. This revised system gives players a better understanding of enforcement severity and the cumulative effect of multiple enforcements. Enforcement transparency is about giving players clarity into how their behavior impacts their experience. Our content moderation efforts are not changing as a result of the new enforcement strike system. 

Enforcement Strike Image

Players can view their enforcement history over on the support section at Xbox says that all players will begin with a clean slate, and are allowed up to eight strikes before being suspended from social features such as messaging, party chat, multiplayer and so on.

Enforcement Strike Image

The post adds that 2 strikes merit a one-day suspension, and four strikes will result in a seven-day suspension. Strikes stay on a player’s record for six months.

With these changes, Xbox is evolving enforcement to focus on protecting players. This is why even suspended accounts remain functional for single-player experiences and players do not lose access to purchased content. However, for the most serious violations – including illegal activity – Xbox retains the ability to permanently suspend all functionality of an account including access to purchases.

Earlier this year, Microsoft also took measures to improve its voice reporting feature in an ongoing effort to improve player safety online.