Xbox is still bringing in good money for Microsoft

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Xbox perfoms well in q4 earnings report

Xbox may be on the wrong side of console sales battle with Sony, but it's still bringing in good money for Microsoft. Earlier today we told you about how well Surface is doing for the company, but it's not alone because Xbox has been called out for its excellent performance in today's Q4 earnings report from Microsoft. As usual, Microsoft doesn't distinguish between Xbox One and Xbox 360; referring to the whole Xbox division only.

Fuelled by discounts, Xbox sold in higher volumes relative to Q4 2014 and as a result, revenue has increased by $86 million or 10 percent. As to the exact numbers, Microsoft sold 1.4 million consoles this quarter compared to 1.1 million consoles in Q4 last year. Xbox Live was another winner with revenue increasing by $205 million or 58 percent.

After the pre-launch missteps of Xbox One, it's impressive what new head Phil Spencer has done with this huge brand. As Windows 10 enhances the Xbox One dashboard, Universal Apps are introduced and Oculus Rift games begin to emerge, Xbox will surely become even more relevant to a wider market.

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