Xbox One’s TV tuner accessory looks to be finally coming to Australia

Xbox One's TV tuner accessory looks to be finally coming to Australia

Xbox One was launched as the all in one entertainment system; pulling together gaming, TV, streaming apps, and web browsing. A few months after launch Microsoft released the TV tuner for Xbox One which gave users direct access to TV channels in their area without passing the signal via HDMI through a TV tuner box. Originally Microsoft launched the TV tuner in the Europe but now Australia has become the most recent country slated to receive the TV tuner.

In addition to the TV tuner Microsoft will release OneGuide which is the TV channel guide for Xbox One, which has been available already in Australia, but only in preview form. When Microsoft included TV capabilities into the Xbox One they greatly increased the complexity of rolling out features across the globe. Different countries have different standards and regulations for TV signal, and TV companies have different degrees of control over their signal. The delayed rollout of the Xbox One’s TV tuner is a result of technical, regulatory, and business agreement hurdles which Microsoft must overcome to bring this device to their customers.

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