Xbox One's new Backward Compatibility feature is rolling out to consoles now

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Looks like the long awaited New Xbox One Experience is finally landing on consoles. Here at WinBeta, we’ve been charting the development of Microsoft’s new user interface experience on the Xbox One for some time now. For Xbox One preview members, the NXOE may be a bit of old news, but for the majority of console owners, the update may come as a welcome surprise.
As of 3:01 am ET/ 12:01 am PT November 12th, the update began rolling out to devices. The update is labeled as a rolling update, signifying that not all consoles will receive the update at the same time. Microsoft is encouraging console owners to be patient as the update will eventually hit their devices within the day.
“Not everyone is going to get it at the same time.  Depending on the time zone you are in, as well your Xbox One console settings, you may get the New Xbox One Experience at a different time than your friends.”
As far as the highly touted backward compatibility addition to the Xbox One, Microsoft claims the update is independent of the NXOE rollout. Users should start receiving the new feature starting at 3:01pm/12:01 PM (noon) PT on November 12th.
Even though the physical dimensions of the Xbox One have yet to be updated, ala Xbox 360 Slim, the NXOE and holiday bundles should be more than enough for eager console shoppers this season.

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