Xbox One’s Minecraft beta has long requested mouse/keyboard support

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The upcoming Minecraft beta releasing on Xbox integrates Bedrock Editions with Xbox Live multiplayer and features. But what was surprisingly slipped in might surprise you.

A podcast was uploaded to show off the Minecraft 1.2 Xbox Beta by ECKOSOLDIER. The video is over an hour long highlighting the game’s features on console, but what’s more interesting is the input options available for the game.

As MSPU points out, one person in the video states that ‘Yes, you can use mouse and keyboard in the beta!’

Keyboard and Mouse support on Xbox One is a long requested feature for the console in general. At one point, it was “months away” according to an interview with Phil Spencer at last year’s E3. He was even still talking about it earlier this year as “still on the way”,

A common issue for video games is the dilemma of mouse/keyboard versus controller crossplay, a debate that has torn gaming communities in two for quite some time. Could the slip of Minecraft on Xbox One having keyboard/mouse support for console mean that gamers will see it soon? It’s hard to tell given the track record of promises, but it wouldn’t be the first time Minecraft was used as a flagship for new features.

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