Xbox One’s Battlefield Hardline multiplayer open beta starts February 3rd

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Xbox One's Battlefield Hardline multiplayer open beta starts February 3rd

Battlefield Hardline is taking the battle to the city streets in a game of cops and robbers. Starting February 3 to February 8, Visceral Games and Electronic Arts (EA) will have an open multiplayer beta on Xbox One. Battlefield Hardline open multiplayer beta will feature three game modes spread across three different maps.

The first game mode is Hotwire mode, where criminals team up to steal marked cars as the cops attempt to take them back in great chase scenes (think Gone in 60 Seconds). The new Heist mode tasks you with robbing a bank and attempting to escape the police response. Then there is the classic Conquest mode, where you battle against each other in a massive 64-player struggle for control of the map.

BattleField Hardline’s multiplayer open beta will also feature an inside look at the new Hacker mode, as well as new weapons, gadgets, gear, and a bunch of new vehicles to wreak havoc. So get ready to try Battlefield Hardline in the multiplayer open beta starting February 3rd. It should be a great, new adventure in the Battlefield series and don’t forget to pick up Battlefield Hardline when it comes out March 17.


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