Xbox One X pre-orders already surpassed the PS4 Pro on Amazon's 2017 best seller list

Surprisingly enough, some are saying the Xbox One X may have a successful life in front of it. Theorized by many to be a flop considering its niche audience, Microsoft's new "premium console" seems like it may outperform our expectations. Although the console is not yet available, and pre-orders were selling out, somehow the Xbox One X jumped past it's largest competitor - the PS4 Pro - on the Amazon bestseller list.

Again, pre-orders are not really considered sales, but some are still thinking that this jumping on the list somehow goes directly against the comments of some analysts who were firm naysayers in the Xbox One X. While the prospect of a hardware-heavy premium console are nice, it was hard to imagine it actually selling. If this console does, in fact, end up outperforming expectations, it may have a profound impact on the climate of console design going forward.

Since potential purchasers can still cancel their pre-orders on Amazon, for now, there is no telling if the Xbox One X will indeed outsell the PS4 come November. We'll have to keep an eye on sales in November when this thing actually hits shelves.

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