Xbox One X owners are getting a free movie from Microsoft

If you’re one of the Xbox One X early adopters out there, you may well get a freebie from Microsoft as a thank you for purchasing the company’s new console. Indeed, it seems that Microsoft is currently offering the Lego Batman movie to select Xbox One X customers, as recently reported by Reddit user ster1ing:

Just got a free movie for buying a One X. Anyone else get one? from xboxone

According to comments on the Reddit thread, Microsoft may be sending the codes in waves as some people who pre-ordered the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition have yet to receive one. Additionally, it seems that you don’t need to have purchased your console from the Microsoft Store to get the chance to get the free movie.

Microsoft is offering the 4K HDR version of the Lego Batman movie ($29.99 value), which is great if you already have a TV that supports both technologies. If you recently purchased an Xbox One X, let us know in the comments if you also received this message in your Xbox Live inbox.

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