Xbox One without Kinect goes up for sale in the UK

Xbox One without Kinect goes up for sale in the UK

Recently Microsoft announced it would begin selling Xbox One without Kinect, a move that some thought of as acknowledgement of sales lagging behind rival Sony PS4. Regardless of the reason, the move allows for a lower priced console and, perhaps, opens up a new market for the gaming and entertainment box. 

Now the new packaging has gone up for sale in United Kingdom, ahead of the scheduled release. Pricing begins at £315 from electronics retailer CEX. Prices vary, as the store sells both new and used versions of the console. In contrast, Microsoft is currently offering pre-orders of this new version for $399. 

The idea behind this new sales push is not only to offer the Xbox One for a lower price, but also to open the platform up for more game development, as some games will now be produced without the previous need for Kinect integration. However the Kinect will be offered as an add-on for users who change their mind at some point in the future.

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