Xbox One will soon allow users to customize dashboard’s background, take in-game screenshots

Xbox One will soon allow users to customize dashboard's  background, and take in-game screenshots

Xbox chief Phil Spencer has confirmed that Xbox One will soon allow its users to take in-game screenshots, and customize the interface of their console’s dashboard.

In response to the question regarding  Xbox One’s upcoming changes in the user interface, Phil Spence on the Inner Circle podcast revealed that team has been working on bringing customize background and in-game screenshots to the console. “You will see , I’ll announce it here, I was told themes and background pics are something that we are working on, and screenshots!”

While not confirmed, there is a steep possibility that this theme feature will sync across other Windows-powered devices, and work like the way Windows 8’s Modern UI and Windows Phone’s interface sync together and reflect same color changes.

The Xbox One console has picked up several new features lately. It recently included support for external hard drive and added a new media player, among others. It’s pleasant to see the amount of attention Microsoft is giving the gaming console.

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