Xbox One will now show you achievement notifications, game hub links, and much more


Xbox One will now show you achievement notifications, game hub links, and much more

Microsoft has begun to roll out the April 2015 system update to the Xbox One, after having been available to preview users for testing. Based on user feedback and suggestions, Microsoft is rolling out several new features to the Xbox One this month.

The Xbox One will now display your achievement name and gamerscore you earn. On top of that, you will see the achievements’ description in the notification so you know what you did to earn it without having to open the achievements app to see. Microsoft has also made it faster to show an achievement notification and added performance improvements to make loading the achievements app from a notification.

The party app has been improved and will now help you get your microphone enabled and show you when privacy settings or networking issues are blocking communication with particular party members.

The April update also makes it easier to discover game hub content from activity feed items. “You’ll see activity feed items when any of your friends follow a game, and you’ll also be able to get back to a game’s hub from activity feed posts related to the game – including feed items about the game’s achievements, game clips and screenshots. Finally, we’ve added a link to game hubs from the game’s page in the achievements app,” Microsoft explains.

You can now use the What’s On area in the US, Canada, and UK. This section lets you find links to popular videos, games, movies, TV shows, game broadcasts and clips, along with Trending TV shows (only if you have OneGuide configured).

Currently, voice messaging and dedicated servers for party chat remain in preview as Microsoft continues to test and improve those features. Grab the system update right now and enjoy!