Xbox One vs PS4 heats up: Sony officially enters China with the PlayStation console

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Xbox One vs PS4 heats up: Sony officially enters China with the PlayStation console

Late last month, we reported that Microsoft would sell its Xbox One console in China starting in September. Almost one year after the launch in North America, Microsoft's console will be made available to Chinese gamers in just a few short months. Now, Sony has announced that they too will soon begin to sell the PlayStation console in China.

For the past 14 years, China has implemented a ban on the sale of foreign games consoles in the country. This ban was lifted by China's State Council back in January of this year, meaning that Microsoft will be able to tap into the lucrative market and start selling the Xbox One in the territory. Microsoft was the first to jump on board, but now competition heats up as Sony will be taking the PS4 to China as well.

Sony agreed to form two ventures with Shanghai Oriental Pearl (Group) Co to start making and selling PlayStation consoles. Two companies will be formed - one to manage the manufacturing and sales of the console, and the other company to manage the services, plus the sales, licensing, distribution, and research/development of the software. Sony China will own 70 percent of the first company, and a mere 49 percent for the second company.

No word on exactly what products Sony will make available to China. Microsoft recently dropped the price of the Xbox One in the United States to $399, offering a Kinect-less option for those who wanted to purchase a console without paying a hefty price. The latest market share figures show that the PS4 is currently beating the Xbox One in terms of sales. Let's hope Microsoft's venture into China becomes a profitable one.

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