Xbox One video game ReCore gets special anime style figures

Xbox One Recore Anime Figures

Two official figure lines based on the recently released Xbox One and Windows 10 video game, ReCore, have just been announced. One will be the realistic ReCore Premium Figure Line while the other will be the cute ReCore Anime Style Mini Figure series.

The ReCore Premium Figure Line will feature die cast metal bodies and detailed inner skeleton construction. The exterior parts of the robots will however be made out of plastic and it will be up to the customer to place the parts on the core body. The official announcement describes this functionality as, “a fun step in completing the corebots design which can then be displayed on their base.” Each of the Premium figure will also incorporate LED lights for added effect.

ReCore Premium Figure Line

ReCore Premium Figure Line

The ReCore Anime Style Mini Figures are exactly what they sound like; reinterpretations of the game’s characters inspired by Japanese anime character designs. Each figure will come with a custom base.

Both series of ReCore figures are due for release in spring 2017 however no specific dates have been released. Are you interested in buying these? Let us know which line of figures excites you the most in the comments below.

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