Xbox One unboxing video leaked, Microsoft not too happy about it (video)

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Oct 7th, 2013 inNews

Xbox One console with Kinect

Apparently, one lucky kid got his hands on a brand new Xbox One console before it even becomes available on November 22nd. This kid gives us a quick 1080p unboxing tour in a video that lasts just over three minutes.

Microsoft, on the other hand, isn’t too happy about this video being posted on YouTube, which has since been taken down and uploaded to DailyMotion. As Microsoft’s Major Nelson stated, “This is unfortunate. And being dealt with.”

No word on how this kid got his hands on the console, but perhaps his Microsoft employee parents gave him the console without knowing that he would create a YouTube video to show off to his friends. Your guess as to how this kid got the console is as good as ours.

We’ve embedded the DailyMotion video below for your viewing pleasure, until we get asked to take it down or the video itself gets taken down. The Xbox One console launches on November 22nd.

Update: And the video has been taken down folks! However, heres a mirror. Ignore the video title, this isnt “Bill Gates son”. Watch it while its hot!

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