Xbox One SmartGlass apps on iOS and Android get new screenshot feature

Brad Stephenson

Xbox One Smartglass apps on iOS and Android get new screenshot feature

The iOS and Android Xbox One SmartGlass apps are getting a new feature currently unavailable on Microsoft’s own Windows Phone version, the ability to view, share, and save Xbox One screenshots. The feature will work in an identical way to how the game clips equivalent works and will be accessible in the Activity Feed, on profile pages, and in a new section of the app called Capture hub.

While the Windows Phone SmartGlass app lacks this feature, it is available in the new Windows 10 Xbox app which also has the added benefit of being able to also create screenshots and video clips from within the app thanks to Windows 10’s new Xbox One game streaming functionality.

It is a shame that Microsoft has updated apps on other platforms before their own but with Windows 10 expected to come to Windows Phone in the next few months, it makes sense for them to focus on a potentially more significant update down the road then wasting time and resources on incremental updates right now.

Xbox One Smartglass app on Android

Microsoft decided to bring this screenshot feature to the SmartGlass apps due to the idea getting over 500 votes on its Xbox Feedback website which acts as a way for users to suggest new features for Microsoft’s numerous products. Ideas are voted up or down by other users and the most popular ones often get implemented in future updates. A lot of the updates that have come to the Xbox One console since its launch have come from this site.

This new screenshot feature will be available soon in the Android Xbox One SmartGlass Beta app (build 2.4.1507 or higher) and on the beta version for iOS which is currently limited to users that are currently enrolled in the Xbox One SmartGlass Beta via the Apple store (Build 2.108 or higher).

Are there any other features you’d like to see come to SmartGlass? Do you use SmartGlass on an iOS or Android device? Let us know in the comments below.