Xbox One selling like hotcakes in China, over 100,000 reportedly sold in a week

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Xbox One selling like hotcakes in China, over 100,000 sold in about a week: Report

Despite a slight delay and the absence of popular exciting titles on day one, Microsoft’s Xbox One console is off to a great start in China. The company launched the gaming console in China on September 29 and has already sold over 100,000 units.

The sales figure comes from a local news site which claims to cite Shanghai Media Group vice-president Zhang Dazhong. The 100,000 units figure also takes in account the number of Xbox One units which were pre-ordered.

The Xbox One sales figure have been down in other Asian regions including Japan and South Korea. In India too, according to the figure I was told, only around 1,300 consoles were sold on launch day. However, we believe that the number will go up thanks to the recent price drop.

The chinese government recently lifted the 13-year long ban on purchase of gaming video consoles. Microsoft is making sure that it has enough presence - over 4,000 retail stores in the world’s most populated land to cater the seemingly tremendous demand it is receiving from people. Furthermore, neither Sony nor Nintendo has brought its gaming console to the nation yet, and Microsoft should be able to capitalize on that.

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