Xbox One sales are weak in Japan – only sells 1,314 units in its third week on sale

Xbox One sales are weak in Japan -- only sells 1,314 units in third week

A new report tracking the sales of Xbox One units in Japan has come out. This report does not paint a pretty picture for the Xbox One with only 1,314 units sold this week. This is the third week the Xbox One has been on sale in Japan.

In this report, the top selling gaming device is the Nintendo 3DS, and the top selling console is the Sony PS4. This is not very surprising because Sony and Nintendo are based in Japan. Microsoft is the underdog for sure when it comes to selling its entertainment console to Asian markets. It is unknown yet if the PS4 will lead the Xbox One in China because neither have been released yet.

Japan is a big market for entertainment and Sony has home field advantage. It will be interesting to see how the 12 year long console ban in China will affect sales when the Xbox One and PS4 finally go on sale. China is the biggest potential market and their customers will be very price sensitive. Hopefully the Xbox One without the Kinect will keep Microsoft competitive when it comes to pricing. When the Xbox One launches in China on September 29th, we will see if Microsoft has an equally difficult time selling to the Chinese as they do the Japanese.

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