Xbox One S already selling out online, you may be able to get one in a Microsoft Store

When Microsoft first announced the Xbox One S back at E3 2016, it was met with much fanfare and excitement. The console is a large improvement over the Xbox One, as it is 40% smaller and features up to a 2 TB internal HDD, an internal power supply, and an IR blaster. So far the updates look like a good move, as the console is flying off the shelves at online retailers in the UK. So, going to a physical retail store might be a way to secure your chances at a new system.

Of course, and as noted by Xbox’s Aaron Greenberg on Twitter, the sell out only applies to retailers in the UK. also reports that other websites such as and have sold out of launch stock of the new console.

If the UK online retailer sellouts worry you, back here in the US, we can confirm that the Xbox One S will in fact be available tomorrow in the Microsoft Retail store. As seen below, we fired up a chat with a friendly Microsoft Store sales specialist named Justice M, and received confirmation that physical Microsoft Stores will have at least some stock of the Xbox One S tomorrow.  Nonetheless online, pre-orders of the console have already started shipping, so you can expect your new Xbox console soon!

A chat with Justice M.

A chat with Justice M.

So, are you excited to get a new Xbox One S? Which retailer did you pre-order from? As always, please let us know your thoughts by dropping us a comment below!

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